Drasla network

Home page for my music project, Drasla. Interface is an interactive visualization of song connectedness featuring dynamically generated playlists to produce thematic consistency.

Flickr Cards

Flickr cards

Experimental flickr photo browser, simulating a spread of polaroids.



Simple animated JavaScript table sorter.

Tarot Card Visualizer

SVG-based interactive visualization of the structure and relationships between tarot cards.


Oonts logo

Throw a rave on your website.


Dylome logo

Audio processing webtool to generate songs where the measures are played in reverse order.

Radicand Lab

Radicand logo

Splash page for the Radicand Lab collaborative space, featuring an experimental 'above-the-fold' design and interactive CSS3 animations.

Liquid Voxel

Voxels liquid

WebGL experiment, featuring an interactive 3D puddle.



Task management, schedule generation, and habit tracking made pretty.



Android app enabling users to install and execute native Linux applications on rooted Android devices.


Claudia crop

Home page for the painter Claudia Selene.


Vim autoformat rails

VI plugin and shell script to automatically clean Ruby/CSS/HTML files.


Ruby gem to provide Object Daddy-like syntax for Factory Girl.

White Noise Loop Generator

A simple tool for creating sound loops.

rVibe rCast

Rcast logo

Implemented streamlined delivery of live video training to thousands of students simultaneously.


Impossible logo

Home page for the Chicago band Impossible!

Song's Kung-fu Academy

Skfa logo

CMS and home page for the martial arts academy featuring responsive design, community interaction, and student progress tracking for instructors.


Owl logo

Front-end web development including a complete site redesign, and financial logic implementation for Owl financial advisors.

rVibe PLS

Rvibe logo

Developed numerous features for the web-based remote learning application rVibe PLS, including live video streaming, automated testing, and reporting functionality.


Portable system configuration, aliases, and extra features for bash, git, and VI.

Inventables Uberchart

Histogram crop

An internal, interactive reporting utility, allowing sales, product, and ad data to be analyzed visually, and with total flexibility.

Inventables Category Treemap

Category treemap crop

An experimental ecommerce interface, allowing users to interactively browse the webstore by zooming into product categories.

Inventables Home

Inventables crop

Development, design, prototyping, and system administration for the ecommerce hardware store Inventables. Projects covered a wide variety of public and internal functionality, including data visualization tools, media sharing applications, web scrapers, ad campaigns, server maintenance, and advanced report generation.

GE Centricity Opus

Worked on integrating and testing various web services for GE Healthcare's medical communications suite.


Codetographer logo

Interactive code visualization plugin for Eclipse.

GE Centricity EMR

Implemented various enhancements for GE's enterprise medical record system, including decision support for prescription doses.


Real-time stock trading simulator for analyzing automated trading strategies. Program featured stock screening, data recovery, and automated strategy creation and evaluation.

GE Centricity Scan Utility

Centricity scan utility crop

A Windows Mobile-based bar code scanner for hospital inventory management.

GE Centricity Perioperative

Developed an interactive reporting framework for medical data.

GE Healthcare Sales Portal

Developed security enhancements for the GE Healthcare sales portal during an internship.